Student Responsibilities

➤  Primary responsibility for learning and academic success.
➤  Monitor your own academic progress.
➤  Understand the degree requirements and University policies.
➤  Attend all classes.
➤  Manage and balance study, work and social time.
➤  Use University resources that will help you succeed.
➤  Practice good communication with parents.
➤  Work with your advisor to explore educational options or address concerns.

Parent Responsibilities

➤  Be available to support and encourage your student.
➤  Offer advice when appropriate.
➤  Encourage independence in a safe environment.
➤  Allow students to make their own decisions using information presented to them.
➤  Talk about expectations for successfully blending family values and experiences with
     transition to college life and autonomy.
➤  Encourage your student to ask for help if needed, but let them do it for themselves
     and in their own way.
➤  Understand that the transition to college is a challenge for you and your student:
     parts of it will be easy, other parts more difficult. Do it together and trust each other.

Advisor Responsibilities

➤  Monitor student progress and guide toward academic success.
➤  Help student understand their responsibilities and support them.
➤  Provide assistance and refer to campus resources as needed.
➤  Advocate for the student.
➤  Help clarify and develop an educational plan to meet personal and career goals.

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